We provide solutions focussed training, delivering skills that companies need.

Established in 2020, Partners in Bristol understand the importance of smooth running business, and believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn and grow within their chosen career. We provide high quality, professionally designed curricula to ensure that the progression of you and your staff is guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on good, honest business, which is why we have only partnered with those who share the same values as us. All of our partners have been meticulously selected to ensure they can help us to fulfil our goals and sufficiently support each of our sector based curricula.


Proudly part of City of Bristol College

Through working alongside City of Bristol College, we access funding which allows us to cover some or all of your training costs. Together, we equip people from in and around Bristol with the fundamental skills required for employment, ensuring that our services are accessible as possible.

Where we differ from City of Bristol College is how we work with employers. Our close connections allow us to give you that extra chance at gaining employment, by providing you with interview and work opportunities with some of our partners.


What we offer

Our professionally designed curricula enhance skills, and lead to increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

We want to help you make the right decisions for your business, which is why we ensure professional and personalised advice that caters to your goals.

Our delivery techniques include sector-based work academies, online courses and one to one sessions with a mixture of interactive and individual activities; all taught to an exceptional standard by out range of specialist tutors.


Working with regional partners

We work closely with companies in various sectors, highlighting areas for improvement, and providing appropriate solutions focused training.

We take time to understand business needs. Through our regional partners, we provide job-ready skills that are seamlessly integrated into roles in Construction, Warehousing, Business, Healthcare and more.

We understand the importance of our partnerships, and by working together we support a number of industries in Bristol and across the South West.


Partners in Bristol Careers Coach

We believe that everyone has the right to achieve their dream job. Through our Careers Coach programme, we deliver professional and independent advice, guidance and support, helping individuals launch their careers.

This free service allows individuals to benefit from the advice of our careersexperts, who identify the skills needed to succeed in any field, and the training needed to enhance those skills. Our Careers Coach initiative ties together the training we provide with exciting and rewardingcareer opportunities.

Just a few of our industry partners...

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